Keokradong Lala Guest House, Keokradong

The local tribal communities have interesting arrangements for the tourists and travelers accommodation of the Boga Lake. They have built small but attractive cottages with sufficient facilities within their range. And it is really great that sometimes tourists or travelers get amazed because of the beauty, charm and unexpected facilities and building tactics of the small cottages provided by the tribal communities in return of a comparatively cheap amount of money almost 3,173  ft above the sea level area of Keokradong.

Renowned cottage of Lala Bawm in the Keokradong.

It is really true that the tourists and the travelers should be grateful to some special personalities who have worked and planned to lessen their hardship in visiting Keokradong. Lala Bawm is a renowned Person in the Keokradong area who is considered as an asset and breathes of peace for the travelers and tourists. He has emerged as an abstract of assistance in the unknown area of Keokradong for the trekker’s travelers. He provides cottages for the trekkers and tourists to accommodate and also arranges their foods and relative services in the Keokradong and takes a great care to accompany with the very friendly Bengali tradition.