Invitation letter should be provided by clients, we will provide visa application service according to that.

We operate mainly from our Hampshire headquarters, and attend various exhibitions around the country where we meet new and existing clients. Although we are a leading UK corporate, promotional and sports wear supplier, we do not have a team of dedicated sales representatives as this would increase prices to our customers dramatically. dfgdfgfd

Naturally we are happy to attend meetings for major enquiries and contracts, but find that the majority of our business can be conducted without the need for personal representation.

No, we do not provide work permit.

We submit clients’ applications according to their documents, travel background and purpose. We also provide ground support and legalization of documents for some selective countries. Other than that we do not provide any documents for visa.

“VISA Center” does not provide any service for local embassies.

Processing time depends on embassy.

No, the service fee is not refundable because we are not responsible for the approval of visa as the decision depends on the embassies.

Only India accepts alternative of bank statement (endorsement). Other countries do not have that option.

Yes, you need to go in person.

For tourist visa you do not need any invitation letter. However, cover letter and day to day travel plans are required.

Visa Center is here to assist you with visa application, after the application is submitted, the guarantee of visa will depend on the embassy’s decision, and we have no influence on this decision.

We provide visa logistics/ visa processing / ground support/ consultancy for the countries that do not have any embassy in Bangladesh.

Please visit “Visa Center” option of our website to know the requirements of the country you want visa for.

Business/Conference type visa is needed if anyone wants to go to a conference to another country.


All you need to do is collect the required documents and submit those to us with required fee. We will take the burden to submit your passport in the embassy.

Pick & Drop

For the very first time in Bangladesh, we are providing Visa home pick & drop with a very minimum service fee to make visa submission more comfortable.

Tour Consultant

We are always there to help you regarding any kind of Visa and tour planning at anytime and anywhere. Visit holidays section in our website to get the best deals